Mahogany, South American - 40 lb/cu.ft.

Sources: Central and South America      
Medium, but you can hit harder streaks  |   Texture: Medium to coarse, and generally even, though bands can vary

   Key Uses:

  • Furnituremaking

  • Cabinetmaking

  • Paneling

  • Quality joinery and trim

  • Classic color and grain pattern

  • Stable

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Tendency to tear

  • Inconsistent hardness

  • Quite soft and easily bruised

  • 4/4" - $16.40/BF

  • 12/4 - $18.40/BF

  • 8/4" - $18.40/BF

All prices subject to change without notice.

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Hardwood List:African Hardwood, Ash, Aspen, Banak Vorola, Basswood, Beech, Birch, Bloodwood, Bocote, Bubinga, Butternut, Cedar- Aromatic, Cedar- Western Red, Cherry, Cocobolo, Douglas fir, Elm- English, Hickory, IPE, Jarrah, Jatoba, Lacewood, Mahogany- African, Mahogany- South American, Maple, Nogal Peruvian Walnut, Oak- Red, Oak- White, Padauk, Pau amarello Yellowheart, Pine, Purpleheart, Sapele, Teak, Tulipwood, Walnut, Wenge, Zebrawood